proVISION INDIA’s core competence lies in helping people as well as organizations develop practical, sustainable ways of income-generation that benefit both the individuals and their communities, enabling them to reach their full potential. Rather than just provision of direct funds or grants, we encourage independence and self-sufficiency, teaching business skills to bring physical, mental, moral and spiritual transformation to the people in India.



Our Credo

  1. Go to the people.

  2. Live among them

  3. Learn from them.

  4. Plan with them

  5. Start with what they know.

  6. Build on what they have

  7. Teach by showing.

  8. Learn by doing

  9. Not a showcase,

  10. but a pattern

  11. Not odds and ends,

  12. but a system

  13. Not relief but release.

  14. But of the best leaders,

  15. When their task is accomplished.

  16. And their work is done,

  17. The people all remark

  18. “With the help of God.

  19. We have done it ourselves!”

  20. (Old Chinese poem)